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  • Tan by Lucy Lane is 100% ORGANIC, VEGAN, and PETA approved.
  • Tan by Lucy Lane has been designed to look natural, no orange overtones.
  • Tan by Lucy Lane is a green based solution.
  • Tan by Lucy gives Chocolate coloured tans which means "NO RISK" of yellow, gold, or orange tans.
  • It is completely odourless, no perfume's or fragrances.
  • The ingredients are high in anti oxidants, contains Aloe Vera and Green Tea Extracts, which are great nutrients to help nourish and moisturise your skin.
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Espresso Blast  -  Sweet Ganache  -  Cacao Riche

Full body ( Includes the face )             


Half body                                                   



Be Brown, not Orange

 We also have a full range of after care products to help you care for and extend the life of your spray on Tan.

ESPRESSO BLAST 12% ( Perfect for Wedding Tans )

The most popular Tan Solution, creates a deep, dark, natural tan.

 SWEET GANACHE 14% ( Perfect for Summer, Beach Weather )

The perfect tan for those clients who want an extra dark, deep, rich tan.

 CACAO RICHE 14.8% ( Perfect for Cheer Leaders, Dancers, and Competition tanning )

Cacao Riche is the answer to a super dark tanning and ideal for clients who desire the darkest organic tan available.

TANKINI 14.8% ( Perfect for quick development time )

Violet base tan, touch dry in 5mins, no mess, no stickiness, PETA and PETA vegan approved.